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CCTV Camera Price Your online resource of being secured.

CCTV Camera Price comes in various types depending on the recording, processing, and storage methods.

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CCTV Camera Price in Bogura, Bangladesh

Discover affordable CCTV Camera price in Bogura. Enhance your security with high-quality surveillance systems. Shop now for peace of mind from Glorious Technology.

Closed Circuit or CCTV Cameras work as your eyes and ears. Day or night, criminals and burglars never stop. Home or office – wherever you are your concern for your family and workplace never goes away. CC Cameras offer the best solution to such concerns. With security cameras, you can eyeball the place of your concern in real-time. Today, CCTVs are used everywhere for intelligence, investigation, and protection. Brands like Dahua, Hikvision, Jovision, and ARMOR are world-famous for durable and high-quality CC Cameras.

CC Cameras come in various types depending on the recording, processing, and storage methods. A DVR system is used to overwatch the camera feed using a TV or Monitor. This offers great flexibility in setting up the control panel and monitors at a great distance. Using a coaxial cable, you can set up your CCTV control system as long as 500 meters away from the camera itself. CC Cameras can be configured to work with multiple security components like Access Control Terminals for enterprise and business needs to home security.

Types that are popular are Bullet, Dome, PTZ & Eyeball Camera. Features like Night Vision, Two Way Talk, Motion Detection, Wireless Access, Waterproofing, HD, etc are also considered for choice. Browse our CCTV camera category to get your desired piece of security camera.

Latest CCTV Camera Price in Bogura, BD

CCTV Camera Price in Bogura


Hikvision DS-2DE5225W-AE3(T5) 2 MP 25X DarkFighter IP Camera


Hikvision DS-2CD2021G1-I 2 MP WDR Fixed Mini Bullet Network Camera


Hikvision DS-2CD1343G0-I 4 MP Fixed Turret Network Camera


Hikvision DS-2CD1043G0-IUF 4MP Audio Fixed Bullet Network Camera


Hikvision DS-2CD1023G0-IUF 2 MP Fixed Bullet Network Camera


Hikvision DS-2CE12HFT-F 5 MP ColorVu Fixed Mini Bullet Cc Camera


Jovision JVS-HD301C 2.0MP Wi-Fi Camera


Jovision JVS-N98-X3 3MP Dual-Lens Full-Color Wi-Fi PTZ Camera


Types of CCTV Cameras

CC Cameras are categorized primarily based on their functionality. In this regard, the shape of the Camera determines where it can work best for you. Consider placing it outdoors for front gate overwatch. Here a Bullet type may work best. Again, if you want it to be discreet, an Eyeball type may do the job. Read the types below to make the perfect choice of CC Camera for your specific purpose.

Bullet Camera:

These cameras are widely famous for their robust look and durability. Large organizations, public places, and outdoors are monitored the best with bullet cameras. The name is derived from the shape of the camera type. Typically weatherproof and covers a very long distance like 40 meters plus with vivid and clear videos. They work great to warn off possible thieves, criminals, and burglars due to their look and shape. Hikvision DS-2CE16H0T-ITPFS is one of the best bullet cameras on the market.

Dome Camera:

Shaped like domes, these security cameras offer one of the best security and data retrieving methods. They are discreet in look and yet confusing at the same time as you can not easily know which direction they are pointing at. Providing 360° angle coverage, they are great for indoor, office, and home use.

PTZ CC Camera:

The PTZ-type CC Cameras work with a turret for the owner to move the camera angle in any direction and zoom. Panning left-right, and tilting up-down with zooming make it the best CCTV camera type for active intelligence on a valuable spot. Users can get a precise picture in live action and take advantage of the feed.

Eyeball Camera:

The Eyeball Camera looks and works like an eyeball. With infinite angle coverage in 360-degree, this camera is super stealthy. It is ideal to set up at the dead center of a ceiling or the vantage point for complete control of the area. Jewelry shops, banks, and places with highly valuable items can be protected by this type of CCTV camera. It is also the best option if you want to know movements within your storehouse, garage, or living room.

Special Features of A CCTV Camera

While buying a CCTV camera, you have to consider some features for the best use of your security solution. Which are –

Night Vision:

Night Vision CCTV Camera is a crucial aspect to consider. With Infra-Red technology, CCTVs can provide visibility at night, in overcast or rainy weather. Consider the number of IR lenses adjacent to the primary camera lens when going for night vision CCTV Cams. More the number, the better the visual capability.


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) comes with technology to analyze the picture and enhance lighting conditions. A high-contrast image like an entrance against the sunlight makes it difficult to recognize persons, vehicles, etc. WDR removes such shadows or extreme light and makes the picture recognizable to the viewer. Dahua makes high-quality WDR CCTVs with vivid colors.

Two-Way Talk:

Two-way talk features for communication is great if you want to directly talk to or warn possible thieves. Also, it also works perfectly in case you are using the camera for pet and children’s protection. With a built-in speaker and microphone, you can guide and navigate your kid, pet, or any other person present at the CC camera spot.

Sound & Motion Detection:

This is done with sensors integrated into the CC Camera body. Any occurrence of sound or motion will be detected and an alarm immediately rings on your phone, laptop, PC, or alarming device. This is great to stop thieving where minimal motion or sound is expected by the owner.

Buy CCTV camera From The Best CCTV Shop In Bogura, Bangladesh

Glorious Technology is providing the best Tech Solution at the best price in Bogura, Joypurhat, Rangpur, Gaibandha, Naogaon, Sirajganj, Pabna. Buy your desired CCTV Camera, IP Camera, Biometric Access Control Terminals, and every security system from our branches in all the major cities in Bangladesh including Rangpur, Khulna, and Chittagong. Our intelligent technicians will support you in choosing, installing, and maintaining your Security Solution anytime, anywhere. You can order your piece of CCTV Camera online and get delivered anywhere in Bogura.

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